Laurence Huc is recorder player, composer and arranger.


She completed her recorder-musical studies degree in 1999 in Albi. After that, she went on studying with Pierre Hamon and got the first prize of Paris in 2002. She finally studied with Michelle Tellier at the Conservatoire of Boulogne Billancourt and with Pierre Boragno in Versailles, and got the State Diploma of old instruments in 2005.


Meanwhile, she studied music harmony, analysis and old counterpoint at the conservatoire of Paris XV arrondissement, music history with Alain Nollier, orchestration with Olivier Kaspar and lyrical singing with Gisèle Fixe.


She also sang in many concerts with the orchestra of Capitol (Tosca, Carmina Burana, liturgical works) and with the Ensemble Organum with Marcel Peres within small vocal ensembles. As a result, she developed a taste for Medieval and modal music and for large orchestras works.


While working as an arranger in various projects, which often combined classical music and French chanson, she created the arrangements for love-letter-themed concerts with Isa Lagarde, Anthony Millet and Lionel Allemand, and for concerts about love through the ages (Love Songs).

She was asked by the company In-Sense to write the instrumental reduction of Rossini's opera "L'italienne à Alger" for violin-cello-piano trio, which was played at the Avignon Festival and many times at the Mouffetard theater at Paris. Afterwards, she wrote the reduction of the opera "Hansel and Gretel" of Humperdinck for the Minute papillon company.

In her medieval ensemble "Chapdiz", she also write arrangements combining modern instruments and early music.

At the Conservatoire of Roissy-Pontault, she arranges musical pieces in a creative and educational way, and conducted orchestras that played them.


As a composer, she finds inspiration creating for educational purposes, as in her musical training method for singers (piano and vocals) and writing pieces for her students orchestras, such as Voyages, or Conte fantastique.

Her last collaboration with the Conservatoire of Châtenay-Malabry in 2017 gave birth to several pieces for string orchestras, beginner to high level.

She also wrote very short contemporary pieces for old instruments echoing Haydn for the company Arte Intime and Claire Marchal. Eventually, she composed a dance piece, Bibo Mambo, (accordéon- saxophone) for the Duo Migrateur (Anthony Millet and Jean-Louis Baraggioli).

Her intimate and spiritual project about Marseille tarot cards has already given birth to some creations, such as L'Hermite, Tempérance, La Force and La Papesse... She keeps enriching it, as part of an ongoing creative process nourished by the whirlwind of everyday life. 

Recently, for the trio KDM (accordion and percussions) and soloist, her latest piece I no longer, on her own poems and poems by Forough Farrokhzad, is at the heart of her concerns and her sensitivity to explore femininity, desire, captivity, madness and dreams.